Dreary Everland

Well that title will really draw readers in, huh?  On Wednesday we take a break from homeschooling to do an ‘outing’.  I try to keep it fairly educational …   buying stuff at the market, going to a museum, heading out for a hike, swimming at the pool, etc.  But today we went to Everland; the big amusement park in Korea.  We have 2-year passes.

It wasn’t an ideal day to go – drizzly and overcast – but go we did.  I made it there in a record 35 minutes as the freeway was nearly empty.  We also parked in the 10th spot from the entrance in the 2nd row and went on plenty of rides with nary a wait.  Not all of them were open, so there is a tradeoff.  But we made up for it by seeing 4 shows and playing at the indoor playland called Kidscovery. The weather actually cooperated all afternoon and didn’t rain on us.  Then, after dinner the rain started to come.  It would come and go, but was pretty constant.  We had our raincoats, but got pretty soaked.

I told the kids we could stay late for the fireworks show, but our last half hour we were holed up under some giant umbrellas in the rose garden being pummeled by a heavy downpour.  It let up 10 minutes prior to show time, and then Avi had to go potty so we rushed and found one.  I thought I heard the show starting while we were in the toilet, but came out (it took a while) and found no fireworks.  Bummer!  I must’ve just been hearing a rain-out announcement.  Well, the park had 15 minutes to close so they both loaded on the stroller and we walked out.  It was kind of creepy with everything closed and NO other people around… apparently they all went the other way because there was a bit of a crowd once we got to the front gate.

So, bummer about the fireworks, but otherwise it was great day!

The great tree at the entrance is decked out for Halloween.  I’m always a bit taken aback by all the Halloween stuff at the park…it’s not really something Koreans celebrate. 

pumpkin kids

I’ve finally go a discreet shot of at Korean kiddo potty. 

The Kidscovery playland

the spinning tulips (not teacups)

um, flamingo skeletons.  needed a picture of that.

first show:  the Tarzan themed show with all the animals doing funny tricks.  Here a chimp is playing drums while the lab plays piano.

The cast and us!

Second show…  a good old show with sea-lions and ducks and swans doing tricks that corresponding mildly to a loose plot. such fun!  can’t find that in America – it’s all education and conservation over there.

An Everland employee randomly gave this to Avi as we disembarked from the “Lost Valley” duck-vehicle safari. 

We rode on the wild rapids ride.  They have big drapes to keep your bottom half dry, but really what’s the point when it’s already a bit drizzly out?

Zoe bought herself a huge cotton candy

Show number three… the Halloween Dance Party.  Zoe joined in (she did this last year, too) as a little ghost to ‘help’ the good guys defeat the scary bad Halloween creatures.

The kids and the cast

checking out the theme garden

My kids and a Korean lady

Show 4: The Pumpkin band.  We’ve watched these same folks before.  They are actually good musicians; you just don’t see live brass performances combined with a goofy witch vs. witch plot anywhere else.

Avi got to help run the log flume ride while Zoe and I rode on it.  It was the highlight of his night!  He said his favorite thing was, “going with the lady to sit up on my chair and push button”

waiting for the fireworks that never happened.  Gave us time to stop and smell the roses.

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