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Fall Schooling at Home

Homeschooling is fun, busy, and rewarding.  Most days we wake up, try some yoga, get some breakfast and get dressed before Zoe sits down to our school table in the kitchen and begins her language arts.  This is the best time for her reading, writing, spelling, and grammar since it’s not really her favorite.  Avi occupies himself playing or he’ll join us at the table for some play doh; this child loves play doh more than anything else!  By 10am we’ve biked into the base elementary school so Zoe can go to her specials classes (art, music, Korean, and PE). She loves this social time and stays for lunch once a week.  Avi and I spend time together.  We will play at a playground, hike the local trails, visit the BX, or do some of his favorite mazes and dot to dot.

Once Zoe is done we all bike home for lunch and often check the mail enroute. After lunch they play for a while until it’s time for Zoe’s favorite subjects: math, then history or science, and art or music.  Avi also enjoys the fun activities and experiments with these.  He also seems to love music, while Zoe is still our little artist. In the afternoon we always have quiet time.  Alone time.  We read books together and then Avi takes a nap, Zoe goes to her room, and I get stuff done. 

That’s our day! Once a week we will cram reading, writing, and math into our morning session to have the rest of the day for a field trip or outing.  The local homeschool group does lots of field trips that we’ve joined in.  Zoe has also started volunteering at the local animal shelter, so once a week she and I will do that while Avi goes to “school” at the CDC.  He really enjoys the social time, so I may start taking him twice a week if there is a spot open. It’s drop-in care, and right now they aren’t full so I can take him when I’d like. He also really likes library storytime that is, luckily, at the same time as Zoe’s specials so it’s a fun thing he and I can do on our own. 

So we have been doing a lot of neat things!

Her new bike setup

School table

Doing some math and trucks

All correct in under 3 minutes!

Alice in Wonderland tea party with the osan homeschoolers

Art class with the osan homeschoolers

recycling our own paper for science

spreading the paper
Railroad museum with the osan homeschoolers

Avi on a track fixer


morning yoga

collecting a water sample for science class

gymnastics class with the Camp Humphreys (an army base nearby) homeschoolers
making our own fossils for history

stringing our fossils outside to watch them erode

painting our ‘cave’ for history

cave painting

our stone age masterpiece
Anseong Farmland field trip

feeding ducks the Korean way

this goat didn’t want to be contained

making a cuneiform tablet with her name

Mesopotamian cuneiform

Zoe’s name in cuneiform

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