Sesame Street Live

The folks from Sesame Street found us again!  When Zoe was one year old in Tucson the troupe came to our base for a free military show; at that time she got a light-up spinner that was a treasured position and only finally was thrown out when we moved here.  Well, she now has a new one and Avi has his own.

We drove down to Camp Humphreys for their show since we are going out for the weekend.  It was fun, if chaotic, with kids standing and dancing and some trying to sit and run around.  Zoe and Avi enjoyed it.  I think Avi thought I was saying “Nemo” when I was telling him about “Elmo”… he’s not too familiar with the Sesame street characters.  On the way home he was wondering where the clownfish was.  Regardless, he was enthralled with the singing and dancing performance.

Zoe knows of these characters, but is old enough that she paid attention to the ‘plot’.  The military kid character “Katie” that apparently lives on Sesame Street found out she is moving again, and the whole gang – Cookie Monster, Grover, the purple guy, the Hispanic blue girl (can you tell I haven’t seen the show since I was a kid) and Elmo (whom I simply cannot understand) – all helped her feel better about it.

It was a wonderful free experience for us!  My kids much appreciated the show and the USO for sponsoring it!!

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