Big day

It was a big day for Zoe!  Her second top front tooth came out, so now she has a huge space and keeps singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”.  The funniest part of all is that it happened in the changing room at the BX as she was putting on a new shirt.  I quickly had to tame that blood and find the tooth amongst the clothes that fell on the floor.

We had an actual shopping excursion at the BX.  Both kids were in dire need of long pants and shirts that actually covered their ankles and wrists.  These two have grown a lot in the last couple months! Came home with quite a haul.
Zoe also finished the first semester of her 1st grade math!  We use the Singapore Math curriculum, which allows for me to pace through at Zoe’s speed.  She is pretty bright at math and grasping it very quickly and naturally.  The program has all new books each semester… So it’s a fun milestone.  No more yellow workbook; now it’s orange. 
In the mail we also got a new science curriculum from the Singapore Math company.  I’ve been working through two other curriculums …. A “make it own your own” plan from The Well Trained Mind, and a free trial of Mr Q Science (a download and print curriculum).  I felt neither were being as thorough as a real school, so researched a TON and chose the Singapore. It looks super quality and fun.  Zoe seemed excited and expressed that she feels she now has a ‘real’ science book. Me too!

Lastly, she did Homeschool presentations yesterday as well.  Once a month the group reserves a room and anyone can come present something they’ve been working on.  It’s a great time to get some practice in front of other people, and nice to see what other homeschool kids (of all ages) are working on.  Zoe recited two poems and did a report on rabbits.



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