Zoe volunteers (I go with her) at the base animal shelter – called Homeward Bound – once a week. We have enjoyed getting to know the animals and she is learning the importance of responsibility and giving of her own time.  It is, of course, also fun and cute. We clean out the cat cages, feed them, let them run and play, and give them cuddle time.  When there are dogs we take them out for walks.  

Well these two tiny kittens showed up and I couldn’t resist Zoe’s begging to foster them.  It’s part of the shelter to also foster out animals who would do better in homes.  These two are so cute, but kind of blind, and the one seems a little ‘slow’.  They are a joy to have around to play and purr.  But, they do stink and one can’t seem to find the litter pan consistently.  As adorable as they are I think it has reminded me that kittens are a lot of work. Zoe helps a ton, as it is partly her volunteerism as well.
  I’m sure they will find great homes.  They can enjoy ours for a while and learn some social skills.  Though, I am looking forward to putting our rug back on the floor when they go. 

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