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Avi was a blue train engine and Zoe was Bunnicula for Halloween this year!  Zoe helped me pick out some fuzzy fabric from the thrift store and I sewed her costume, while Avi loved watching me piece together boxes we’d collected for his.  Zoe even declared me the be the best costume maker ever, which I appreciated.

She got to wear her outfit to the school “storybook parade” this afternoon since it was, in fact, from the book Bunnicula!  It’s nice to get a couple activities out of the costumes.  This evening we dressed
up and went to the BX for their big trunk-or-treat event. It was awesome.  A ton of base organizations had tables and activities set up for the kids to walk along and collect candy.  We got there when it started.  Zoe got to business collecting candy, but it took Avi a while to understand the concept.  He hasn’t really trick or treated door to door. In Georgia, our neighborhood didn’t really participate and here we’ve done the basewide events instead of riding up elevators in the tower apartments….that seems crowded and most people just sit out front of the elevator divvying candy.  So, still there isn’t door- ringing.

Anyway,  once he figured out that he could walk up to a table, chat a bit, and get candy, he was on a roll.  Lot’s of folks had fun decorations and music, or little activities and freebies.  It was very nicely done, and really a fun time. At the end of the row was also a small haunted house which Zoe loved and did twice.  Avi walked through with me, nervously, and declared later that he didn’t like the chainsaw guy. 

After collecting candy we went into the BX and grabbed a taco for dinner to balance out the sugar.  Bryan joined us and we walked back along the trunk or treat so Zoe could bob for apples!  She’s been wanting to do that forever and you just don’t see those great old school activities much any more.  Well, she got one and ate it as we walked up the hill to the clinic.  At this point Avi’s little wheel fell off his train and he was tired of wearing it, so we dropped his costume at the car. 

The clinic has two activities: a haunted house and a kids Halloween hall.  We waited in line for the kids’ side and enjoyed the fun games …and, of course, more candy.  Zoe really wanted to do the haunted side, but the line was super long by the time we got out.  She also wanted to do the other Haunted Dorm on base, so we made her choose.  She and Bryan walked over to the dorm while Avi and I got the car.  The line for the Haunted dorm was going to be an hour, and Bryan was exhausted after a long day at work (and still in his uniform) so we promised to return tomorrow.  She is looking forward to that tomorrow night; thank goodness it’s running for 3 nights!  I think it is really scary, so I’m glad Bryan will take her.

Bryan and I also went to a grownup Halloween party last weekend with the squadron.  It was a blast!  We were hippies.  Everyone loved mom’s old coat.

Trying it on.  The ears are kind of goofy; they kept falling over when I sewed them on top where they belonged, so I just tacked them on the side of the hat.
Avi’s train.  He’s been playing in it for days
Storybook Parade at the school.

Zoe dressed as Bunnicula, with her white painted tangerine and her book.

Parked and ready to walk to the BX.  This older guy came over and just ooo-ed over their costumes, and gave them some coinage, which was awesome as Avi was pitching a fit about wearing straps on his train.  Apparently he thought he could just push it along like he’d been doing at home on the floor.

Saying goodbye to the nice man.  Avi was sad he left. “I want old fat daddy come with us BX”, he said with much admiration. 

we made it!

first customers of the night.

The BX outdoor space was all decked out for Halloween!

Avi the choo train engine. (not Thomas, he just chose blue)

Zoe as Bunnicula.  She wore vampire teeth until it was time to start eating candy.

trick or treat.

filling that bag!

lots of fun stuff on the tables

Avi eventually had me hold his bag and he directed people to put the candy in his train smokestack.

The commissary booth was giving out decorated mini pumpkins!  Avi is already digging for candy.

More trick or treating!

The neato mini haunted house at the end of the walkway.

what better thing to do with and old gun turret than make it a haunted house?

candy,… nom, nom, nom

some super-healthy taco bell to top off our candy-for-dinner evening.

Zoe got an apple!

Bryan fixing Avi’s wheel.

DJ Lance was at the entrance to the clinic.  Yo gabba gabba

‘find the ghost’ game

beanbag toss

this was fun…the blindfolded pumpkin face

Avi’s turn!

Zoe’s favorite was the pumpkin broom race.

Look at all that candy!!!
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