OH, Avi

Another list of fun Avi stuff.  This boy cracks me up one minute and then frustrates me the next.  He is so sweet and loving, but also super quick to cry and sometimes quite obstinate.  Mostly, though, he’s a fun little boy who likes trains, dressing up like the tooth fairy, riding bikes, making volcanoes, anything to do with construction, garbage hauling, and helping in the kitchen.

At night still likes “Legs” sometimes – he wants me to sandwhich his ankles between my thighs to “keep me safe”.  He, in the meantime, puts his arm over my neck to “keep you safe”.

“I BIG”  Still.  He is ever more big every morning.

“I like it when you pet me”.  Said during snuggle time, naptime, or bed when I pet his head or around his face or back.

“I OK.  There no blood”.  He seems to fall or run into things daily in such a way that makes this phrase a necessity so I don’t over react.

“Pumpkin Head”.  He and Grandpa Joe exchange screams of this when we are on Skype.  It lasts and lasts and lasts.

“Beautiful Puppy”  This is the name he gave to a stuffed teal and pink dog that he selected from the .25c bin at the thrift store.  It has become his most-often chosen animal at bedtime.  He rotates, though, and chooses others.

Fun kid!

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