Homeschool Lately

Homeschooling has really settled ino a great routine for us.  In the morning we focus (but get to sleep in), and then take a break to bike onto base for Specials time – Zoe takes her extracurriculars while Avi and I have some fun playground time and check the mail. After lunch it’s back to academics before my favorite thing: quiet time.

So, here is just some fun stuff we’ve been up to….

Zoe still volunteers at the animal shelter on base

The weather is still nice enough to bike in for specials every day.
Avi enjoys helping me on the bike with large mail boxes. He and I have fun together while Zoe is at specials. 
Spelling is always easier with a kitty on your lap.
We have recreated the Nile.
Avi is branching out to enjoy the messier arts.
Jackson Pollock lesson.
Avi’a leaf pile at the playground.
Avi and I working on some numbers during “specials” time on a rainy day.  He thinks its a special treat to hang out at the BX food court. 
Zoe reading to Avi when they have sleepovers in each others room.
Avi at his “school” – the CDC where I take him once a week to play and socialize while Zoe (and I) volunteer.
An “I’m not cooking and don’t even want to set the table or sit at one with these kids” evening out on the town.
And I’ll leave you with this one.  Things were too quiet one morning, so I looked around the corner to find Avi getting the Chapstick in a way that made me think of his father.

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