BX Field Trip

We all went on a field trip with the other homeschoolers to see how the BX is run!  Super fun and interesting, plus we got some free BR!

Avi thought our warehouse tour was awesome
All the BX merch stuffed into the wharehouse behind the store.
Ramps are fascinating!
Learning the facts about shoplifting.
And how they catch shoplifters… 60 cameras!  And they zoom in and spin around to such detail that you can be assured you are never actually alone at the BX. Except the toilet and changing rooms, of course. 
Of course it was super cool to spy on people!  The kids, And grownups, all got to use the cameras. We could zoom in and see prices and coupon expiry dates that cashiers were holding!!!
The awesome BX folks then treated us all to some BR!  
Zoe and the ‘homeschool guys’

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