The first snow!

Well it finally happened today.  Snow!!  It was just flurrying and blustering about all day. Intermittently the sun would pop out for a spell and then the snow and wind would kick up again. We did have a bit accumulate on the back porch which is now shady and will be until March. Zoe got all bundled and cleared the barely-a-dusting off with the snow shovel. Both kids are so excited.  Avi was at the CDC today, and was more than happy that they still went outside to play and he caught some snow in his mouth.  “I eat snow, mom”, he says. 

I decided to bring in my pumpkins too.  They are still not all completely orange, but I think I can ripen them inside.  With the freeze coming all their plants had died back anyway and I really didn’t want to find out they froze!  I had 7 growing in/around our yard and picked 5 more growing semi wild in the field behind the house.  I did leave two super green ones out, so I can see how they fare.
Washing them off.

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