Happy Draggin Feast!

Today is the big day – it’s actually Thanksgiving after two weeks of parties and feasts around town we now get our last taste of turkey.  Bryan’s squadron, the Assam Draggins, hosts a big meal for all the jet maintainers… With the pilots and families supplying the feast.  It’s quite big, a couple hundred folks, so it’s at the high school cafeteria.

This year my duties included baking an apple pie, Mac cheese, and squash casserole.  Bryan was also slated to help with setup, but I was so incapacitated with my freaking knee that he came home and helped me yesterday evening. Yes, my knee is still stiff and painful. Ugh.
Anyway, the feast was fun.  There were craft bags for the kids, lots of people, and delicious food. There was even a fun photo booth for silly pictures. 
As thing wound down most people headed outside to watch the pilots vs maintainers football game.  We got in the car to go to the airport!  Jeju island here we come. 

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