Bye Bye Kitties

Took our two foster kittens, Gretchen and Twinkle, back to the shelter today.  They have been super fun to have around and I’ve gotten quite attached, but it’s time.  They have learned FINALLY to go in the litter pan, they are eating hard food, and they have really gotten to be wonderful kitties.  We all went and dropped them off.

Thanksgiving was our timeframe for fostering because we are going away for the weekend, and it seemed a good way to have a landmark.  Seems, also, that the kitties AT the shelter get adopted while those out on foster don’t have as much luck.

I do miss them, though!  Zoe and Avi were actually kind of excited to take them back and pack them up and bring all their toys and ‘stuff’ into the shelter.  We chose which kennel to put them in and got to get them all situated.  A bit of sadness as we left for the Draggin Feast, but excitement, too, to see them again next time we volunteer!

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