ROKAF band concert

So, the ROKAF band is stationed here at Osan and had their end if the year concert last night.  I took the kids as it seemed like a great free concert and I think it’s important that they can appreciate and sit through quality cultured performances and not just kid stuff all the time.  Well, it was great!  And it did have some pretty cool lighting, a soprano singer, a few songs with singers, a drum circle,  a magician, and an electronic dance to add a bit of spice and variety that they liked.  At the end, the mostly-Korean-military-guys audience chanted for 2 encores, which they got in the form of Jingle bell rock and Rock me like a Hurricane… complete with Korean singers.  the ROKAF General then spoke (and was translated) for a long while.

When it was over I asked the kids their favorite part.  Avi said,” I love the tuba” Zoe said, “the magician with roses”, and I personally got a kick out of their rendition if the Beatles’ “love love love”.  Imagine a theatre full of people who can’t say v singing along with that one… Lub, lub, lub.  Said with the utmost lub and respect!
I’m so glad we went.  It was a great performance.  The kids got to ID lots of instruments, and it was nice to add 3 more people to the few other US folks who came. It was surely a friendship concert!
The program
Kids got light up wands! And I got an embroidered towel gift for attending! Oh, and yes Avi is the tooth fairy.  I said we needed to dress nicely and that was his interpretation … Zoe’s was to wear fleecy pants with two frilly skirts.
The ROKAF band
LED dance troupe
Another shot of the band


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