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Homeschool update

I know my AVID readers are just itching to know why we doing in school!

Zoe will finish her phonics reading book by Christmas which will bring her up to (or maybe beyond, I don’t know how to judge such things) reading level.  She is reading chapter books like The Magic Tree House on her own now and it’s become fun to read!  This was not her favorite thing and its taken motivating for her to see the value in being a good reader.  We are finally there!  (Ordinary Parents Guide to teaching Reading) 
Zoe does well with writing.  She does a lot of copy work and a bi if creative writing in the form of a letter that we mail weekly. ( Writing with Ease)
She is halfway through her 1st grade grammar book and tired of talking about nouns, pronouns and verbs.  She wants to know what “of” is instead.  (First Language Lessons)
Christmas will also be a benchmark in spelling as she moves to the 2nd book in her first grade curriculum. (Spelling Workout)
In math Zoe is nearly done with her 1st grade lessons.  I think by February we will be buying the 2nd grade book for continuing. She enjoys math a lot. It is obviously one of her favorites and she grasps it confidently and quickly.  She is just finishing conceptual multiplication, and we have division and a review of time and measurement before the next book. (Singapore Math)
Her favorite subject is History.  We are progressing through World History and just finished up a month long study of Egypt, then a week of ancient African cultures and a week introducing the Israelites and the first if our “modern” religious origins. Next up: Phonecia.  I think she likes history the best because it often also involves art and craft and mapmaking. Avi also enjoys history as it is read like a story and he likes to make and do the projects. (Story of the World, with additions)
In science we are studying the human body. It’s not as fun as other things we’ve done a there are really no experiments, so Zoe isn’t enthralled with it.  Avi, on the other hand is super interested in any and all pictures of body parts and blood.  I cannot type the funny we he says this… Roll your L and say the uh really deep…  Both kids join in as we are learning each body system and making a model. (Singapore Science & the Body Book).
Avi is not doing anything else formally.  He really likes maze books and is getting into dot to dot.  So, He plays while Zoe works on language arts and math. But on occasion he wants to do school and will join us at the table for those books – or play doh (his favorite). I’ve tried introducing letters and numbers in a “school” way and he could care less.  Will wait for that.  He know most of them from daily life stuff and has more fun with helping cook and shop and reading books.  He loves I spy books. Mostly, though,  Avi has a good time playing trains or vehicles and has increased hi ability in solo play a ton.
Avi also enjoys playing at the CDC and the social time he gets there.  
Some pics:
Zoe’s mummified chicken and sarcophagus. 
Avi heading to school on a bad-air day
Zoe waiting for her turn at “presentations” – a monthly homeschool gathering for kids to do a bit of public speaking.  She recited ’twas the night before Christmas’
Solomon’s temple that we rebuilt!
Snow morning 

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