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First Santa

Today was party day!  We woke early to join a group going to a nearby orphanage.  Zoe and Avi were prepped with a “this is for them and not you” talk, and were raring to go.  Zoe even wanted to pack up her own toys and take them over.  Perhaps another time.  Today each kid at the orphanage was getting new Christmas gifts!   It started with a fun presentation that the orphanage kids put on – each age group singing a song or dancing along. Then the squadron commander announced that he got a call from the base, and Santa was landing out front.  They got so excited when Santa walked in and sat up front calling each kiddo by name to deliver a gift and get a picture.  It was great.

Zoe and Avi had fun sitting with the orphans on the floor during the presentation.  Avi especially made a little girl friend whom he palled around with the rest of the day.  Zoe helped some of the other older kids play ‘elf’ and deliver gifts to Santa for distribution.  They were wonderful and giving and I was so proud that neither questioned that anything was for them. Bryan and I had a great time watching the show and sitting with the Korean kids oooo and aaaa ing over their new special gifts, too.

This afternoon it was time for the squadron kids Christmas party.  There were crafts and cookies to decorate, a backyard full of snow, and (of course) Santa.  Each kid got a book. I think mine were truly scared they would be getting nothing….I threatened them with Santa’s wrath yesterday when they were being disobedient by playing (and then falling) on the ice at the BX. Well, they were super excited to hear their names.  Santa brings books nowadays.  Avi loves his Fred and Ted Fly Airplanes.  Zoe spent most of the party decorating cookies, and giving out some special pipe-cleaner candy canes she created at home. She spent days making those and the special box they came in…complete with nutrition facts.  This evening I’m tired.

the older orphanage kids singing Christmas songs


Avi and his friend

Santa on stage calling names for gifts! Zoe is in the pink coat.
Squadron Party!
cookie making

Zoe  and santa

Avi and Santa

The squadron kids

Avi absorbed in his book

Zoe giving out her candy cane crafts
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