Sunday evening we had my Korean friend Jiyoung and her family over for a Christmas dinner.  I have known Jiyoung since we lived here last time.  She babysat Zoe before she was even 1!  Now she babysits for Avi, too, and she has become such a good friend!  We had dinner, the kids played, and we sat around chatting about Korean and American idiosyncrasies for a long while.  What a fun night! 

I made a big Christmas feast with a turkey and all the traditional sides from scratch…plus a fresh pumpkin pie from one of my pumpkins we grew out back! I also made fresh cream.  I’ve gotten to be a bit of a snob about real whipped cream since I learned how easy it is and how it tastes so much better than store bought.  It was a hit.  I’m not normally blogging about food stuff, but here comes more:  I have used a new turkey technique twice now that I love so much I must mention it.  It’s called “High-Heat Roasted Turkey” in my trusty-old-beat up-Arlo-chewed Joy of Cooking book.  Look it up!  Only takes two hours and comes out nice and juicy.


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