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Avi the songster

Avi’s favorite song it Twinkle Twinkle.  He sing’s it or one of it’s numerous variation all the time.  Seriously,  ALL THE TIME HE IS SINGING.  Recently, I had the epiphany that ALL his favorite songs are really just Twinkle Twinkle remixes.  He also likes to sing the ABC’s, which is just the alphabet set to the Twinkle tune!!  Now, recently at school he learned Baa baa black sheep.  I was humming along and realized that, “HEY, it’s just twinkle, too!”  So be it.  The boy loves Twinkle.  Another Avi favorite is Jingle Bells which sounds a bit eerily like a jazzed up Twinkle variation to me.  Or maybe I have Twinkle on the brain.  Incidentally, Avi came up with Twinkle and Little Star as names for the kittens we were fostering. 

He likes other odd songs, too.  For example, the beginning of the Les Miserable soundtrack, Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye, and the Dinosaur Train theme song.  All of which get the “Mommy, I love this”  reaction.  He doesn’t discern between like and love right now.  It’s all love.  Big Girls by Mika, for example, gets a, “Mommy, I don’t love this.  Turn it off” reaction.  Of course, I turn it up instead.

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