Best Christmas Eve ever! Sledding, the U-2, and a fire

We started the morning with lots of jammy time, then a trip to the park for sledding.  not much snow left, but it was still fun.

After a nap we had special treat! Bryan arranged for us to get a tour of the U-2 squadron!

We saw their uniforms, learned all about the complex prep work that goes into their mission, saw a “black cat” up close, and then…. Got to ride in the chase car!!!  Two cars follow the plane as it lands to help the pilot know when to touch down.  Awesome!!!  The kids even got some leftover tube food the pilot didn’t use. Too cool. 

After that we topped off an amazing day with a wonderful evening around our Yule log out back.  It was filled with logs we gathered and papers representing wishes for things that we don’t want repeated from this year, and things we would like to happen in the next!  Burnt it out where the garden is so those negative things will turn positive by nourishing our plants next spring.

Watched “A Christmas Story”… Now it’s off to bed so Santa can visit.!



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