Merry Christmas, I mean Skypemass

Rough night!

The kids slept in Zoe’s bed last night and took a while to get to sleep, then Zoe woke in the middle of the night complaining that her side hurt.  She blamed it on Avi kicking her in bed.  No sooner did I get her situated back in bed with Avi on his own side, and settle into my own pillow, than Avi comes running in reporting, “mommy Zoe puke puke!” Bryan and I ran in to find vomit all over her and her pillow.  Whelp, didn’t see that coming.

We gently cleaned her, got new jammies, brushed teeth, and gathered the laundry.  It seemed all had been brought up and she was tired and eager to sleep.  We tucked them both into Avi’s bed for the rest of the “night”.  In reality it was already 4:30 am, and none of us got much more sleep.  We rolled out a couple hours later – still dark out – and started Christmas. 

Bryan got the coffee on and the kids started opening some gifts from Santa. Of course, the foster kitty Spartacus was the first to open! Then we called Grandma Effie and Don and opened gifts together, then it was Uncle Tyler in New York, and Aunt Bethany who was up late in Germany, then Nana and Pappy and Pappy Milt, talked to Grandma Pat and Howdy followed by Nan and PaJoe. It was a whirlwind, but so nice to enjoy opening gifts together with family!

By noon we were beat, and had mostly eaten candy all day. We had some leftovers and the kids played.  By now, Bryan was the one whose belly hurt and he was in the bathroom bringing it up.  Yuck.  Nap for all!

In the evening Bryan was still laid up, but the kids were having a blast with their new toys.  For once they played nicely together ALL DAY!  We watched 4 episodes of Mankind: The Story of Us and called it a day. 

on Boxing Day we boxed up all our leftover bones for the outside kitties …. and by that I mean we brought them in, finally, the two bones that were left from 2 turkeys and a ham hock leftover from our huge party last Saturday.  The local feral cats eat well around here!  They do their job to eat the mice and rats and our Korean neighbors all feed them in return.  It’s a win win and we decided to join in.  So, Merry Christmas to Stubs, Cow, Ginger, and The Kitten (who is no longer 1 of 3, nor the size of a kitten).

Bryan grudgingly went to work, still feeling like yuck.  So, the kids and I got to enjoy his usual Christmas fun by burning all the trash out back.  We just tossed all the boxes and wrap over the fence and burnt it all on the ground near our Yule fire from Christmas eve.  The kids threw stuff in, Zoe saved the precious bows, and Avi played with his T-ball.  After that it was a day of tidying, playing, and using my new slow cooker to cook a duck. It was yummy!


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