Yule Tide

Started a new tradition this year…burning a Yule Log.  Zoe has been interested in solstices and solstice celebrations, so we looked some up and thought that burning a Yule log was right up our alley!  We are appreciating the joy in celebrating Earths changes in addition to the seasonal festivities. 

So, we gathered smallish logs and stick last week and let them sit inside to dry out.  Then we bound them together with twine.  This morning we decorated our “log” with little paper items and crafts that each represented something about 2013 that could be used to nourish the land for 2014….either something negative that happened that we will turn to a positive by allowing it’s ashes to feed the plants next year, or something positive that happened whose positive energy can feed the plants next year. Essentially, we don’t want the bad things to happen again and the good things to repeat!

Some of our wishes…
– no more loss (a tearful remembrance of doggy’s loss which still brings sadness)
– homes for all the shelter animals
– no more injury to Zoe’s head (our Thailand trip to the ER)
– more family night
– no more sickness
– happiness
– another trip to a beach (like Ko Samet)
– more abundance in wildlife in Korea
– continuation of homeschooling
– seeing more construction equipment

Then, at night on Christmas Eve we burnt it!   Our house was packed on the actual Solstice as we were having a big party, so we delayed until Christmas Eve so it could be a fun personal family event.  We took the log out back behind our fence and burnt it on the ground where our garden will grow next year.  The kids enjoyed some popcorn and marshmallows, and watching their wishes burn. We watched it burn down until it was getting cold and then went inside for some hot chocolate and the Christmas Story movie!

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