Goodbye Busan

I had wanted to take a boat tour of the huge port while we were here but found out at the tourist info booth that they weren’t doing it this week.  Oh well,  we got to see the port and some gigantic container ships from the train station. Maybe next time it will work out.

Without that diversion and the depressing dark-time arrival looming, I rebooked our rain tix for an earlier departure. 
We slept in and then the kids got to choose more beach time or a visit to the aquarium.  Much to my surprise, and happy wallet, they picked the beach.  It’s a gorgeous sunny morning in Busan so what could be better?  
They built nests,  slid down giant dunes at the the edge (well, just inside) the construction zone (other kids were doing it too) and even took of their shoes BEFORE they got soaked today!  It’s pretty sandy playing at the beach in winter clothes. They made some friends to play with, fed the birds, and got only their pants wet.  Wonderful. I sat and chatted with a Korean mom and student from Seoul for a while. 
Luckily there are hot spring foot baths to rinse off sandy feet and heat them back up before frostbite sets in.  We sat for a bit warming the tootsies and then changed into dry sand-free pants for the trip home. 
Found some street food – corndogs and rice puffs – on the walk to the subway.  Both kids were sleepy on the subway, but luckily we had to change 3 times which kept them awake.  At the station there were open seats on the next KTX so we hopped one earlier than even the one I rebooked… Though we did need to run.  This time we are on the one direct to Seoul which goes faster more often because it rides a on a KTX dedicated rail the entire route.  It means we have to get off at CheonanAsan with  a longer subway ride home… But the total travel time is shorter than our route down by almost an hour. Plus, and we go 270km/hr most if it!
As I write this both kids are still sleeping pleasantly on the train.  I’ll need I wake them to get off soon!

Progress at the construction site we saw yesterday

The beach is also under construction

Zoe building a nest

Beautiful day at the beach!

These were the only kids with shoes off.  It wasn’t exactly hot.

Feeding the birds


Dipping our feet in the hot spring

Corndogs and puff rice for lunch 

Seats on the train.  KTX

Train was nearly empty from Busan, but Avi did news to move onto my lap after the second stop. 

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