Mid-Winter Getaway 6 – Travel day

Spent the morning packing up our sprawl if stuff around the cabin. It’s amazing how much we can spread out from just two backpacks. The kids had some leftovers for breakfast and looked for the kitties to say goodbye.

From there we walked back down to Railay West beach and hopped in a boat for Ao Nang.  People just wait around until the boat has enough passengers; doesn’t take long in the mornings.  Another forum was waiting, so we filled the boat and took off.
In Ao Nang we bought bus tickets for the airport, got some lunch (my belly is still funky after the food poisoning a few days ago), and played in a tree along the beach.  The bus ride was double the time of coming to town; it stopped a ton of times and crammed people in. 
The airport check in was easy.  Kids were sleepy, so we got then some lollipops to tide them over.  Tiger Airways is a pretty no-frills airline… Small leg space, no food, drinks, luggage, or assigned seats without extra cost. It was fine, though, for a short hour and a half flight back to Singapore.
Here in Singapore we got on the train and some food before walking to our hotel.  It’s a chill out movie night tonight.  Lunar New Year starts tomorrow, so we considered briefly going to Chinatown.  But we need to wake early and we are all exhausted.  

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