We’ve been battling mice since the new year.  Started with a few odd nibblings on a bunny food bag, and then I spotted some droppings behind the washing machine.

Luckily they haven’t entered the house proper and stay scurrying and chewing in the walls and ceiling downstairs.  We originally tried a Korean sticky-trap with no luck before upgrading to the wooden made-in-PA snappers, and finally a huge rat trap Bryan snagged in Alaska.  
The landlord sealed up the obvious gaping hole entry point around the heater  vents, so we figured we would just snap a few and it would be over. Six.  We’ve trapped six!  Uck. And they are big.  Like I said, though, not in the house proper.   We set the traps in the pot-light holes.   
A few days ago it all seemed quiet until the scurrying began again.  So the landlord called in the big guns.  The exterminator laced every possible hole into the ceiling (via lights and the fan) with some poison that will cause the mice to go loco, need light and water, and evict themselves before keeling over outside. Sounds dreamy. We reopened the exit hole via the dryer vent so they can make their departure.  We will be hanging laundry for 10 days until all the mice are (as garunteed) gone.
Seriously,  I’m all for animal loving but mice are nasty.  They drop poo and carry fleas with the plague.  Disgusting in my house – fine outside at the neighbors junk yard from whence they came.  
Hoping our laced mice don’t get caught up with the local kitties.  I’d hate to see a good mouser like Stubs or Cow or Ginger taken off the streets. We are feeding them extra round the front door to deter them from the exit hole. 

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