Avi’s Career

We all went to Seoul last weekend for a mini break.  It was nice; stayed at the Dragon Hill on Yongsan, swam in their pool and played at their playground, walked around Gyeongbukgong palace, and simmered in the sauna’s at the jjimjilbang. 

On Monday afternoon, though, we drove down to Gangnam as Avi had a photo shoot. He loved his first modeling job so I jumped on this opportunity for him.  Of course, having spent the day at the jjimjil and fallen asleep in the car he wasn’t in a superior mood when we arrived. It was an afternoon shoot and I think that made a big difference, plus it was with a different coach who was not a kid-specific agent and didn’t have all the tricks and tools and toys to coax the kids into it.  In fact, she had me help which would’ve been a no-no at our first shoot. So he was grumpy and not peppy like our agent apparently told them he was. Regardless, they got all but one shot.  Under no circumstances or amounts of bribery would Avi kick his foot in the air, so they let that one go.  The rest are cute!  We will see what options open in the future; I think afternoons aren’t good, and now I know to bring my own toys and bubbles.

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