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The Cats of Railay

Here is a post that Zoe helped me with.  We went through our pictures to remember all the kitties we befriended in Railay, Thailand on our trip!   So,  here they are:

Midnight liked chicken!

Kaya, who we met at the fire show

Kaya loved her chin rubbed

Cupcake, who was named by Avi

Fuzzy – obviously.


pukka – named by Avi

Cloudy and Sweetie, the only caged cats we saw

Marshmallow, the most adorable kitten ever.

Mama Cat and her 3 kittens: Star, Starbright, and Starlight. 
Mama and the kittens lived near our hut, so we saw them a lot

They liked to play by the construction site.

Zoe brought the littlest one back a few times.  It is named Starbright

more kitten love

They were all brought to our hut one morning

Black Kitty we saw only once.

Stripe who lived in the bag shop

Avi fell asleep at the chicken stall with this cat that lived their.  We’ll call it Ms. Chicken.
And everyone’s favorite!!! PATCHES.

Patches seemed to live at our hut.

Nicest cat ever.  Slept on my lap during school and purred.  so sweet!!! 
Wish we could have brought Patches home, but I think she would hate the Korean winter.

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