Busy busy busy….

Weeks are flying by as we busy ourselves this spring!  Between schooling and biking, trip planning and article writing I’m feeling a bit thin, but it makes time fly!

Zoe is excited to start 2nd grade math.
Cow continues to visit for food… Hasn’t accepted touching yet. 
We have had some bad quality air days.
Cute puppies we get to walk during shelter volunteering
This looks like baby Winston to me. 
Working hard
Biking to specials on base
We made a Greek theater out of ice cream
Gas mask training can be fun
Carrying their own gas masks… Always prepared in Korea.
Dr Seuss night at the elementary school!

It’s warm enough for worms.  I started to dig a garden plot and we were able to find enough worm friends to start Avi’s worm viewer. 

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