Dental field trip

Went to the dentist for a field trip with the homeschool group.  I chaperoned Avi’s age group while Zoe stayed in the common room doing school work with some other parents… Then we switched!

Avi loved it!  He was so chatty and full of questions… What is that?  What is that?  He only got up on the chair, though, after a friend did it. He did like running the drill and the vacuum tube.  Plus he got to dress like a tooth and brush the yucky sugar bugs off himself.

Zoe reported a fun visit as well.  She said it was cool to run the tools and she even got to make the chair go and clean the teeth from a stuffed kangaroo.  Her favorite though was getting to dress up and pretend to be a surgeon!
We so enjoy the things our homeschool group plans!

Sorry no Zoe pics… She was in the big kids group. 

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