Old Friends

So, when I was in college in Temple I had a few great friends but none as good as Joe.  He was always up for exploring and adventure through the streets of Philly.  We could have the important talks and chat about the big decisions.

I haven’t seen him since Bryan and I got married ten years ago, and found out he’d be in Taiwan and then China…so why not fit a visit to Korea in the middle?  He has been here this last week, and we’ve had a great time catching up, keeping the kids in line, and seeing the sights in Korea!

the market

checking out tea tables

mmmmm…fishy fish

getting dessert ready

some A-10 touring

watching a show

and another show!

out to dinner

cat café in Pyeongtaek



video at the cat café:  http://youtu.be/bVcvjCeRtlc


old friends!

making wishes at the Korean folk village




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