Making the best of it

Last night before bed Avi sung me his new song.  “Airplanes don’t have faces, they fly fast…”  It was a great time and made me look forward to our day together.

Today I took him up to Seoul to go to the zoo while Zoe joined Bryan at Seoul forest for a bike day. The weather was perfect!  We haven’t been to the zoo in about a year and he always loves it.
Avi requested the birds first.  But the birds were the ones ruining our plans.  The whole zoo is closed because of avian flu!!!  Sadly their English website said nothing of this and we had endured a long subway ride to come.
Making the best of it,  we rode the chairlift and then went to Avion – a huge kids indoor playland that is adjacent to the zoo parking lot.  It turned out pretty awesome.  I was bummed to be indoors on such a pretty day, but spending time with Avi was the goal. 
It was expensive, but huge!  2 floors of play grounds, toys, vehicles, and activities.  Avi spent a long time making giant bubbles, driving a car, digging in the tiny wood blocks ( like a sand pit), and jumping in the huge ball pit.  
On the way out Avi said it was a great day and I asked which thing at Avion he would like to do again next time.  “The zoo”, he said.  Awwwww break my heart. Sorry little man. 
Sadly, our subway ride home was heinous. There was a huge delay, which is rare here. The first train was so crowded we had to wait for another. No seats on the next.  Avi fell asleep in my arms and all 30 pounds of him were a lot to balance for that half hour. Our change was so crowded that we were literally shoved into the next train.  I probably didn’t need to exert effort to stand in that one as we were so sardined inside.  Avi woke up with a penis pain –  his undies had bunched. Finally that got us mercy and a seat, but we had to do another change after one stop. Oh and I left my purse in the train but remembered just as the doors closed and shoved my arm in to alarm it and grab my junk. The last train wasn’t so bad. We got a seat after a few stops and watched the sun set.  
Best part of the evening was riding the scooter home from the station and eating ice cream for dinner!
So bummed the zoo was closed.  I will take him back as a do over some time.  And we will drive. 

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