Girls spa day

Today it was my turn to Zoe for a special day while Bryan took Avi. They were heading out on the bikes to the river trail in Pyeongtaek and then on to the cat cafe … This place has featured prominently in our trips recently.

Zoe and I did a spa day!  We also went to Pyeongtaek (who knew that place would be a destination) to a new jjimjilbang.  It was a quite lovely local sauna and jjimjil, an we spent about five hours enjoying the hot rooms and lounging in the salt room and scrubbing our bodies red in the sauna.  
Aaahhhh, I will never tire of Korean saunas.  This kind of thing is so very (unnecessarily) expensive in the states and so bogged down with obsessions over modesty, being overly fancy and relaxating that it is not enjoyable.  Here it’s priced for everyone (our whole day was $20 including lunch, snacks, and a few stints in a massage chair) and it’s simple.  
After getting sufficiently wet, dry, sweaty and bathed again we marched across the street to the cat cafe.  An evening spent playing uno, drinking smoothies and playing with docile cats is something hard to beat for a six year old.  Zoe loves this place and especially the “sphinx” cat and the “little wild one” that looks like a fuzzy Siamese. We had to splurge on some fancy feast to garner cat attention this time as they seemed a bit tired of visitors at five pm.  
Our final stop for the day was the lotteria for dinner.  We sat on the second floor and people watched – pyeongtaek was bustling and we had fun spotting couples with matching shoes.  Zoe informed me that she wants 4 children when she grows up!  She then wondered how we choose which gender out babies are, and I shocked her with the news that you haven’t a choice.  She didn’t believe me!
Alas, we had to cut that conversation short as I realized it was almost 8pm already and we still had to take the train home.  Lucky timing and a quick taxi found us walking in the door by 8:26. 
I got the report from Bryan that he and Avi had a fun day. They were just reading books for bedtime when strolled in and ruined the peace. Avi wanted to tell me all about the day biking and falling in th creek and getting a balloon sword and petting the cats.  

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