Garden time

Seems everything goes like clockwork in Korea.  We have had a mild winter and warm weather off and on since February, but as soon as it’s officially spring it becomes, well, spring!!

Thursday was the vernal equinox and voila, over the weekend it decided not to freeze overnight, and to put the daily temps in the 60s.  In fact it may break 70 this weekend!  
We were out in force last week digging up my new garden plot. I’m claiming a chunk behind the house like the locals do. Lots of Koreans were out getting their soil ready, too.  Avi and I spotted many a gardener tending to their plot from our train rides on Saturday. 
Today was market day ( the 4th and 9th days). Avi and I popped down to my favorite corner after we dropped Zoe for art class.  Sure enough, it’s time or planting!  We biked home with a ton of seedlings – corn, onion, tomatoe, some kinds if bean, lettuce and cukes (I think). 
Avi helped me till up the plot again and then later this afternoon we all went out to plant. Zoe also filled her little bed with flower seeds. It’s meant to rain tonight.  I sure hope it does!
Love gardening!!!  Feeds the soul.

The “gardening store” in songtan. 

She just cuts off the number of plants you’d like from the pallet and sticks them in bags.

Avi held our corn crop nice and flat for the ride home.

The new plot on the right.  I also plant stud along our fence to the left. 

Avi finding the earthworms have woken from winter, too. 

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