These kids!

They are wild! Spring has brought out the little beast in each one.  Last week I found myself putting them time out all day!  Almost every infraction began with fighting over toys – or sass from Zoe – so the toys were taken away!

Yes, one evening I packed them all up and stored them above the wardrobes. And I mean ALL the toys in the house – nothing in bedrooms ( we don’t let them keep any there usually, but stuff migrates), nothing even in the bathtub. 
So, to earn them back they needed to use their virtues – our focus has been on Respect, Kindness, Courtesy, and Obedience. 
The first two days their behavior was worse than normal and then stuff started to change.  They played more pretend, crafted more and stayed out back longer (if that’s possible).  
Today we finally had a dramatic change in behavior.  Both these kids really started to show their true hearts.  
Avi is such a helper and super compassionate.  He dress the feral cats, he helps with dinner, he gets flowers for Zoe.  Such a sweet guy when he isn’t concerned about claiming his stuff.  
Zoe also brought out her courtesy and respect today! She has joyfully come to begin lessons and taken out the rabbits or picked up the books when asked the first time.  She seems free from the distraction of focusing on toys to do more productive things.  We’ve seen so much good art this week! 
Anyway,  they have earned back a few toys- I have them tell me which it I am to retrieve instead of letting them ‘shop’.  This way Is also cool to let me know which they like best! Perhaps a large yard sale this spring!!
Here’s to more growth, and fewer attachments to the junk. 

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