Avi’s early morning wake up call

I’m up bright and early this morning (every morning) because Avi loves volcanos.  Of course, he calls them bolcanos.

He has had me read to him the volcano book daily for nearly two weeks now!  I ordered a new different one for my own sanity.
This morning he wanted to know, “is the volcano on fire” and I said no it’s really hot melted rock that can catch other thugs on fire.  Now please let me sleep. Then he asked if there was a pond would it go in the volcano.  He was curious to realize the lava would cool and harden into rock if the water hit it.  Then he started quoting the book, ” It was a quiet day on an island….or so it seemed…”
These are the things on a 3 year old mind at 5am! 
Also on his mind lately: 
He calls the pantry “the eating shelf” and is often climbing or rummaging in it.
He is getting good at tracing his letters and numbers on the white board. 
He really likes mazes still. I got him a new wipe-off maze book that is amazing.  
He is convinced he should be allowed to bike on the road to base because he knows ” to stay on the side and stop at the sign.”
He likes to look pretty and gets into Zoe’s dresses and spin. But most often he is being particular about his own clothes.  He cannot stand if something is too tight or too big or his socks are bunched. Often he will come downstairs after quiet time very proud of whatever new outfit he has changed himself into.  Shirts with planes, vehicles, dino’s or sharks are the faves right now. … If they fit perfectly.
His favorite planet is Jupiter and our Planets book comes a close second for most often read book.  He will often follow up, ” I love Jupiter” with ” cause I like the storm” or ” but I won’t go to the storm”.  He so enjoys telling people all about the bid red spot and yelling that it’s a “gas giant!”
He will sit for a half hour and flip through the space encyclopedia we have, and comment on all the rocket ships and planets which he knows by heart thanks to a song we have. 
He is a sweet guy and really likes to cuddle and be on or touching me somehow throughout the day. 
It’s so fun to see him growing into his own personality and hearing his own interests.  For so long he would just copy Zoe and now he is coming into his own!!

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