More Modeling

Today was a super long day, but also super fun.   It started with a long traffic-filled drive up to the western part of Seoul (Mapo) where I haven’t been yet.  We left early so as no to be showing up after 10am, and luckily arrived with some time to spare for a snack-grab at the 7-11.

This was a full day of modeling for Avi!  I wasn’t sure how he would take it, but his agent Sue was at this shoot and she is so great with all the kids.  There were 3 other little girls and one more boy, and TONS of outfit changes…for the girls.  Avi and the other boy did go through their share – I think maybe 5 or 6 outfits.  But there were long enough breaks between his turn in front of the camera to run around the yard, eat some food, or watch a show on my phone.

Only once did he protest a shoot, but Sue easily got him happy about it with her bag of tricks.  She has bubbles and gum, candy and toys, plus sings songs and gets them dancing and jumping.  It is definitely best to leave it all to the pro!

He seemed to have a blast and they got lots of good shots.  This was for the Korean brand Choclat whose logo is an elephant.  Hope to get one…here are some of my own pics of the activity.

he was the first in makeup.  had a nice forehead scrape that needed coverage.

Time to curl that mane.

outfit 1

not complete without a pink ascot.

first shoot with the girls

photographer checking the shots

just some Avi

Zoe came along and spent her day in the garden.  She had homework to do, but also had a good time just playing and exploring.

woohoo.  The pink outfit.

shots outside playing ring around the rosy with the girls

Happy little models

He actually thought this outfit was awesomely comfy, except for the ascot.

having a donut during someone else’s shoot.

Last one!!

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