Back on task

After 3 weeks of light-duty school, it’s nice to be back in our routine again.  Nana’s 2 week visit was followed by a week of standardized testing. I opted for the Stanford test. Now we are busy again with our learning!

Avi’s snail pet is quite active and doing well
The snail’s home.  I hope he likes clover

Learning about cells.

Jello for cytoplasm, marshmallow for nucleus, some nerd ribosomes, heart mitochondria, and laffy taffy endoplasmic reticulum. Yes, Zoe has taken to wearing a bindi as jewelry most days. 

Mmmm. Cells for dessert

Here we are making Chinese moon cakes from scratch.

We have been studying ancient China in history this month, and wanted to make something special for our last day!

Usually they are made for a moon festival in the fall.  We have read the story about Chang E.  Zoe has been wanting more since uncle Jim brought us some from Hong Kong. So, I found a book with a recipe!

No moon cake molds, so we carved our own designs on top.  They turned out fine, though a bit dry ( my oven is the likely culprit )

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