Home grown

Well our little garden out back has started to produce!  Avi has especially been enjoying the sweet peas.  He loves to tell me, “it’s fat!” and pick them.  Not sure many will make it to the table, and for the better!

I also picked a head of nice sweet lettuce the other day and our strawberry had its first two berries! 
In addition to the garden we are watching  Avi’s snails eat tier clover and become more active.  He named his favorite Wally.  Then we found a friend for Wally; she has been named Thunder.  They are quite fun little pets!!
We also have a good time watching the legs sprout on our tadpoles. Picked them up camping last weekend and they have done alright.  A few have legs, a few died when I put them out back for some air, but in general they are neato!
The kids are also sprouting up.

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