Zoe’s 7th Birthday Party

We had Zoe’s birthday party this weekend.  She planned for an animal adoption party as we’ve done once before!  This time she had different ‘centers’ planned and set up. 

1. Kids ‘adopted’ their stuffed animal, and filled out the adoption certificate.
2. They took the animal to the vet…Bryan!
3. They made bead collars for their pet.
4. They visited the “doghouse café” for some snacks.
5. Outside they each painted a pet house.
6. Zoe set up an obstacle course to play on.

From then they just played for a while and then we did the piñata.  After that it was cake!!!

As before we haven’t accepted gifts.  Zoe had a great idea, though, and encouraged all her guests to bring some food or cat litter as a donation for Homeward Bound animal shelter.  That is the shelter on base where Zoe volunteers.

It was a super fun party! She invited just girls for the first time.







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