Getting outside

It’s now hot and get hotter in Korea.  Summer is pressing in in us and we are all ready for some free time.

 Now that Avi is super stable on his bike, We have been exploring further afield. Found. Great loop around the neighborhood that takes us under the train tracks and along the canal and rice paddys.  It also goes past a house with new puppies, so we always have to stop there.

Once it was just too hot to bike so se drove down to Camp Humphreys and went to splish splash.  We were one of three families there at noon on a Wednesday!  Zoe earned the freedom to go down slides and jump the diving board on her own by showing me her (still not perfect but good enough!) swimming skills. That left Avi and I some time to focus on hisswimming  and going down the big slides and board. I must be at the bottom to catch him, but he goes down the giant tube slides on his own and even tuns of the end of the low dive!!

At home we get out to work in the garden.  The tadpoles were getting bigger and a few had become froglets so we got a pool for them! They are still thriving.  Planted some lotus in the pool, too! 

Homeschool will take a break for a bit as we take a vacation. Zoe has been in 2nd grade academics for a couple months now, but we just completed her history and science.  We will wait to move on until after few-week break. I don’t give her a break  on practicing math, reading and writing. But it will just be a quick daily review with no new stuff for a while. At the final Presentations session this week she recited The Year by Sarah Coleridge. Avi did a quick show and tell of a toy tractor. 
Avi has gotten more interested in school stuff lately and especially likes copying letters or drawing amounts on his white board.  I will draw a pond and puts a # of frogs in it!  Otherwise he is enjoying being three, and playing!  Our evening routine biking up to the park together is a highlight of the day. 

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