Sentosa day

Went to sentosa island for the day!  It’s a little island south of singapore that is just full of attractions and beaches.  Walked across the boardwalk so it was only a $1 entry fee.

From there is was a fun walk along the shops and fountains and the Merlion to the beach.  The Merlion is Singapore’s symbol animal. Feel free to look it up.
The kids had fun on the walk as there was a ton to see and take pictures in front of, plus we stopped at a candy store.  It did start to feel super hot and humid.  
Our goal was the Port of Lost Wonder.  It’s a super awesome water park for kids.  Reasonably priced, too, which is tough to find in Singapore. Spent 4+ hours here!!  They also have fun activities to spend your “curios” money on – they got to hold a parrot and make a koi craft.  
It’s cool to be in a country with such cultural variety.  The swimsuits here run the gamut!  By far the most common suit is a  kids bodysuit – short pants and short sleeve shirt swimsuit-material bodysuit with a zip up the middle, but there are also a fare amount of euro trunks (ala Avi who refuses to even try on American-style bulky trunks).  Then there are more conservative ladies in fully covering pantsuits – the lifeguards are all in head coverings and total body suits.  But the primary language is English.  Cool place! Did I mention free wifi at a water park!!
It was also not very crowded but for our final half hour when a school group came – as did the rain, so we left the Port. 
From there we also went to see a playmobil show and play with the toys on the beach.  I guess playmobil is having a special event here.  Got dinner at an outdoor stall where Abi shocked me by eating the mysterious and spicy noodles, chicken on a stick, and a fried egg with runny yolk!  
It continued to drizzle rain but we still wandered across the suspension bridge to step on the southern most point in Asia. 
Didn’t walk the 4km back, and enjoyed the monorail.  All in all sentosa worked out to be cheaper and way more enjoyable than I expected. I thought I was heading to an Asian Gatlinburg. Not so! This was classy and nice!!

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