We got on the Singapore flight from Yokota this morning!  Not a lot of competition – there were some empty seats of the 42 available.

The flight is amazing with flight attendents and lots of food! They even give everyone a little media player with movies and games.  I did insist on some schoolwork before the movies.  It’s a 7 hour flight.
I had prebooked a hotel near the southern harbor of Singapore, so we grabbed our junk, toiletted, and walked out the Paya Lebar air base gate. 
Just out the gate is the 94 bus which we rode one stop too many and enjoyed a walk around a neat mosque in the sprinkling rain (which doesn’t make much difference when it’s so humid) back to the subway stop we were trying to get too. The kids especially loved the city bus because it was a double decker and the only seats available were in the back row on top… Hence we missed our stop. 🙂
The subway was as usual.  We ride those a lot and the kids get excited to get seats; which we did, thank goodness, as it was a long 30 minute ride.  
Walked to the hotel as it was getting dark.  But we HAD to stop and check out the giant snails!  Avi found the first and then we spotted them all over.  Apparently they come out after a rain.
We are at the Fragrance Hotel Royal.  Great spot near the jungle park and “waves” walkway we did last visit.  It’s also walking distance to Sentosa island!! That is our goal tomorrow.  
Tonight the kids are enjoying watching “little shiva” while I book our next move in a few days.  

Double decker bus in Singapore

Crowded subway. 

Avi loves the snails!! Sorry the humidity was fuzzing my phone. 

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