Sentosa for free

Well,  Sentosa for a dollar!  Sentosa island is a large attraction- filled island just off the south port of Singapore. It can get very expensive which prevented us from coming before.

Here is how to do it on a budget!
Take the subway or bus to Harbour Point and walk through the Vivo mall to the waterfront promenade. 
WALK across the Boardwalk. this could be your only expense!  $1 entry fee to Sentosa. It is not far, and in Singapore style it’s artistically covered and includes a series of moving sidewalks to ease the pain.
PACK a lunch.  Food on Sentosa is pricey. 
REFILL a water bottle.  There is a drinking fountain at every bathroom. 
WALK along the main route (called th Festive Walk) past all the shopping and universal studios to the Merlion, then continue up to Imbiah, and on to Palawan beach.  It’s not a distance and there are great free attractions along the route!
Festive Walk – the main walking artery leads from the boardwalk to the Merlion and has numerous fountains to play in.  This is also called the Resorts World.
The Lake of Dreams is the largest of the fountains and features a free light show perrliodically. 
The Merlion is free to see and walk around.  Again, there are some fun fountains and misters in the area. 
Mount Imbiah is free to go up and see the old British gun placement from the 1930s. It’s a nice walk up in the jungle.
Once up in the Imbiah area you can enjoy the Nature Discovery ( a nature center) and adjacent Nature walk for free!
Back past the Merlion continue along the Merlion walk – a very artistic walkway around a long flowing fountain covered with mosaic.  
At the bottom, continue down the hill and left to Palawan beach where kiddos can enjoy the animal & bird encounters for free at the amphitheater.  On the hour from 2pm-5pm.  
Also free is the cool bridge and lookout from the Southernist point in Asia.
A free list isn’t complete without including the beach itself.  Following our walking route you are at Palawan beach which has a fun play fountain and playground.  But you could also backtrack to Silosa or continue further past Palawan to Ujong.  They will all fit the bill for sand, water and views of the never ending barge traffic.  
The monorail is free once you are on Sentosa, so it is the perfect way to make a return trip.
At the end of the day, after returning to the resorts world area you can enjoy the Crane Dance light show happens at the waters edge in the Festive Walk. 9pm currently, but check the website. 


If you are going to take the kids, and choose one thing to do , I highly recommend the Port of Lost Wonder at Palawan beach.  It’s only $8 per kid on weekdays and will occupy hours. 

Also a good deal is the maritime museum   near the entrance to the Festive walk just across the boardwalk.  It truly is experiential and teaches all about the maritime silk route.  Only $5 adult and $2 child, the shipwreck theater presenation extra so I didn’t do it.  

All in all a fun LONG but budget day with two happy happy kids! 

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