Surfing is rad!!

As per my previous post I haven’t been impressed with Bali, but today the island redeemed itself from all the horrid traffic and touts and trash.

The kids and I did a “family” surf lesson with a group called Up2U surfing.  They picked us up at the hotel and over to their shop.  It was a dirty little disorganized place, and Avi was in his grumpiest mood ever so I did not have high hopes.  I fully expected to sit out with him after one go.  
Zoe was the motivated one here.  She pushed for this and I have to admit I was, like Avi, apprehensive and not stoked to try.  Don’t know why… Perhaps because I’m not a beach person (can’t stand all the sand and cold salty water)… but I’ve never desired to surf. But, surf I did and surf I love!!  As long as it’s in warm water.
The school set each kid up with their own instructor while I joined a group of six adults and two instructors.  But we were really all just one big ole group.  On the beach we learned about boards and flags and practiced how to stand and get up.  Then it was out to surf!
Zoe was incredible.  She was the first in the water.  Her teacher would set her up on a wave, get her to stand and give it a push when the wave came.  She rode in standing her first time!!  For the next two hours she rode wave after wave while her teacher helped her less and less.  By the time we were done she was catching them on her own!!
Avi rode with his instructor on their bellies. He squealed with joy!! His teacher tried to get him standing a few time but Avi wasn’t interested. It was awesome to watch both kids having a great time.
I also had a blast!!  We were catching small waves and I got to standing on the first try.  Again,  the teacher helped with the board at first but then I started paddling on my own and doing it myself!!  It was so fun!!!!  
At one point I was surfing in and looked beside me to see Zoe right there!  We were on the same wave!! Such joy!!!!! We hopped off with a high five and watched Avi come in too. What an experience.  
After a break we tried the larger waves a bit further out (not the kids).  I wiped out pretty hard twice.  Then I caught a big one on my own!  The teachers were clapping.  It was cool.
Not all the other students were having such luck, and my ran out toward the end.  Guess I was getting tired and fell off a lot more.  So, when it was time to catch, “Just one more” I was ready.
Amazing time we all had!!  Until Zoe realized she had surf rash on her thighs.  Then she declared it all bad.  Of course, by the end of the day she was raving about surfing again and teaching daddy!
Sorry no pictures or video of actual surfing.
  No way to do that on my own. 
Super bummer.

Getting in our surfing attire.  Avi was super pissed off about EVERYTHING.  They even gave him that pink shirt after he pitched a fit to get it from Zoe, and then he grumped about it, too.  Nothing could be right for him.  Until we started surfing =)

Zoe and the boards!

Out front of the surf shop when we were done.  Avi’s teacher is having lunch.  He was so good taking Avi on the board and getting him out of his grumpy funk.

This is Zoe’s teacher.  Most of them, like him, were Australian.   Avi was back to grumping when we were finished.

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