It took the shirt!

This morning we discovered that the Indian Ocean likes to eat shirts. Dinosaur shirts.

We woke with the birds and enjoyed a relaxing morning on the deck of our thatched roof hut. Zoe was doing school lessons.  Avi did a bit in his workbook and then ran around chasing chickens and visiting the cow. He loves the cow that lives next door.
Down the cliff to beach we could hear the surf really pounding and discovered it was high tide.  Really high!  Up to the top of the beach in places.  We bolted for the end near the cliff as it was not getting wet, but the kids got too low and Avi got wiped out.  I dropped the clothes to grab him and they got pulled out with the wave.
I secured the kids up high and dry and ran in to retrieve our stuff. Got the wet shorts, soaked shoes, and eventually my flip flops came riding back in.  There were a plethora of those washed up,  so I had my pick if mine didn’t return.  But, Avi’s shirt was not seen again.  We’ll check this evening at low tide in case it got stuck in the coral at the bottom. Bummer.  It was a cute T-Rex shirt that had also been Zoe’s . 
Spent the rest of the morning dodging waves and taking a bit if a swim when it was calmer.  Mostly we enjoyed creating “Babylon” in the sand – complete with temple, hanging gardens, protective wall and village.  
In the afternoon it was a swim in the pool then quiet time.  I love quiet time. 
We walked back to the tiny mushroom bay village to play on that beach a bit and get dinner at Gomez again.  This place is great as it has Mexican food with cheese! Can’t find that in Korea. Plus it has a kid playground and wifi.  Love it.  Visit Gomez if you find yourself in Mushroom Bay on Lembongan island. The owners and their kids are very kind – Aussie I think. 
Back out for some beach exploring before bedtime.  So many stars to be seen from our open air shower! 

school time
Avi collecting flowers
OK.  It doesn’t look big, but it’s really rough.
Avi the destroyer!
Babylon in sand
Avi loves this calf.  Spent a long time with it and kept heading down the lane to visit.  He was so sweet with it!
mushroom bay

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