Last day in Bali

Today was our last day on Lombongan and Bali.  We enjoyed a relaxing morning at our hut and the pool, and playing some island music.  The coast was way too rough… crazier than yesterday… for anyone.

Our transportation showed up nearly on time- we were busy petting the calf.  We got into the back of a pickup truck and rode to the primary beach for our rough boat ride back to Bali. 
Our fare included a van ride to our hotel – staying in a cheap but very nice place near the aiport.  The kids spent the afternoon in the pool and then walked the neighborhood for some food.  This area is very local with quite a few small alleys with kids and people running about.  It’s a highly Muslim area, so we ate at a Halal fried chicken open-air cafe/food-stand.  It was delicious and so much cheaper than anywhere else we have found. 
Back in the hotel it was time for some lessons before TV and bed.  Tomorrow we are off to Yogyakarta to stay at a homestay for a few days.  This was our decision point for continuing the trip or calling it quits.  Well,  it’s a consensus that we will head back to Singapore (and, hence, space-A toward home) after Yogyakarta. 
planning summer camp
our hotel / hut
Avi playing some tunes
Lembongan!  You can barely see Bali in across the water
off we go
yum, fried chicken stand

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