Our early morning flight from bali to Yogyakarta on the island of Java was quick and easy, bummer our ride wasn’t there to retrieve us!  But the nice lady at the info both let me call using our phone. They mixed up our dates….so, after Zoe lost her tooth, we caught an hour long taxi ride that ended up cheaper instead.  Win-win.

We are staying at Lotus 2 Guesthouse in the village of Borobudur, about an hour out of Yogyakarta. The people who run the place are super nice and helpful which has more than made up for the mixup. 
After relaxing and finishing our nap we wandered out and about for some lunch. This is a small village so the food stalls were not hard to find – got some Bakso, which Avi loves!  He calls them meatballs though I’m pretty sure it’s fish in a noodle soup.  Tasty and cheap.  We had three bowls full plus a couple sodas and our bill was under $2.  Much better!! In Bali I was spending around $15 a meal. 
Back at the guesthouse we arranged for a fun tour of the local villages.  Our guide, Jack,  took us on a scooter ( yes one scoot and 4 people: I’ve seem more) out to visit he local villages and their traditional industries.  So we stopped in the tofu village where we got to learn and see how tofu is made.  It’s incredible!!  Beans are soaked, ground into milk, boiled, mashed, settled, strained, and the goo is put into moulds.  Labor intensive, AND this is basically in someone’s house in a garage.  Half is sold local as fresh or fried and some is exported…?to other parts of Java I assume.  It was all so low tech and hands on- baskets for straining, a wood fire for boiling, oil vat boiling on the floor next to the cat.  And no refrigeration. In fact I’ve not seen any refrigeration in this village anywhere.  Makes me wonder how necessary it really is if good was actually fresh. Probably we are a little over concerned in America because our food travels further than even I do.  
Zoe LOVED the fresh tofu.  It has a different, earthy, taste than the pakaged stuff.  Avi had two glasses of fresh soy milk.  Again it’s very different than any of the disgusting soy milk I’ve tasted from a store carton. It was yummy!  It was kind of green tasting – sweet but you could tell it was from a bean.  It didn’t have a fake-cow milk taste.  
Aside from the tofu learning Avi liked playing with the little boy who lived there and Zoe wouldn’t leave the cat alone.  I think the cat like it.
Back aboard our scooter we popped over to the next village via tiny main roads with jungle or rice paddy on either side and the mountains looming above.  
The pottery village was a favorite as both kids or to make their own piece. The potters use a hand- spun wheel and clay they dig out of the ground.  They burn straw in a small brick oven kiln to fire the pottery.  So low- tech, again, it made me wonder why this all has to be so distant and mass produced in the states where I’ve no idea where my bowls came from. Here, the bowls – obviously- come from the pottery village. Duh.
We get to go back Monday to pick up their creations.  Zoe made a little temple dish.  It’s really an ashtray but I told her its for jewelry. Smoking is all over here. 
Our ride back from the tiny villages and their dirt roads to our bigger village with its fancy pavement took a nice long time so we could see the scenery, stop and take pictures, and even have a go around the local dirt motocross track on our scoot!  Of course this was the fave!
This evening we are just hanging out at the guesthouse with some noodle for dinner and an early bedtime.  Exhausted from our early wake up to fly and then the afternoon adventure. Just listening to the call to prayer sound from the local mosque and watching the cat out in the rice field from our window.  Pretty nice!
The airport cats in bali.  This is on the flight line… We took that bus to our plane.
Volcanoes!! From the airplane. Mt. Merapi on the left. 
Mmmmm.  Bakso stand.
Scooter tour of the local villages.
its laundry day in Indonesia, too

where the tofu dries

tofu making – the white stuff to the right goes in those moulds


Kitties galore

Where tofu comes from.
The guy that makes the tofu.
Yummy fresh soy milk
Delicious freshly made and fries tofu. See the blocks of tofu stacked on the wall behind Zoe?
The tofu cat that Zoe is trying not to choke.
Local village
Making pottery
Avi’a bowl.
The boys were fascinated with Zoe!
Her jewelry bowl.
Hand washing station and cute girls just home from school.
The scenery! 
Out for a ride!  That’s an average sized road, too.  
Listening to the prayer out our window of Lotus 2 guesthouse in Borobudur. 
Watching a little “My Hijab Style” to learn how they do it so neat and tidy!

And Family fued is funny in any country

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