Singapore Science Centre

We got an extra day in Singapore today as the space-a flight to Yokota got pushed back to tomorrow.

We took advantage by going to the Science Centre. It was really fun!  The kids enjoyed the earth science stuff – volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis.   But the body exhibit was the best!! 
We got to walk down into a mouth and through all the body!  It was cool to slide down the esophagus, and crawl in the squishy stomach, see the heartbeat, and go through intestines. We did it twice!!
The while thing exhausted us all and took all day, so we spent the evening at the hotel swimming and eating ramen.

Heading to the body.



Avi loved this earthquake display

Zoe Echo…

The volcano we spent MUCH time at

worlds ‘only’ fire tornado

hotel pool on the roof


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