7 years old!

Today was 7th birthday.  Her request for the day was a whole day to play at home.  So, that is what are got.

We opened up some gifts from family, and she was excited for those.  From Bryan and I she got a new science kit and we did the first few experiments. She loves science kits!
Otherwise it was play play play. In the evening we went to Chilis for dinner and she loved that they sang to her! At home we made a giant cookie cake and decorated it like the map of from the Dinosaur Cove books she has been reading a lot lately. 
Since we had her birthday party a while ago before Bryan left, it was quite nice to have an easy day. 
Testing out our own water treatment plant.
A seven year old at Chilis.
Starting her cookie cake
The finished map cake and the original from the book.

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