Camp Blue Bird

Zoe’s first week of organizing Camp Blue Bird was a success!  We had a few more folks than we thought, but it worked out OK.  I definitely needed to help her get kids focused and on-task, but she did a great job explaining what they were doing and being a leader.  After day 1 we also realized that our schedule was too long…shortened it to 2.5 hours instead.  This gave kids fun time to do organized stuff, plus lunch and some play before being picked up.

Zoe’s Welcome sign and Rules.

Zoe and her assistant, Avi, telling the kids the rules of camp.

lunch break

time for some crafting

Craft time!
playing “Pegasus vs. Unicorn”

some Hulabaloo

Another day, anther craft…thanks to Nan for the nature sacks to collect plants in!

one day we met up in Osan at their Eco park

Eco Park nature walk.

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