Camp Blue Bird week 2

I have to say I’m relieved that Camp Blue Bird is over.  It was not a lot of work, but a lot of patience which was good for me to work on.  But, now I’m done.  I’m so proud of Zoe and all the work she put into it!   She planned the daily events, made sure (I double checked) we had all the craft materials, and even wrote a play.   She was in charge at camp, though I did frequently have to herd the children one way or another.  Sometimes I needed to re-explain things, but this was really her chance to shine.

This week went pretty smoothly, too.  We met at the same park on base the first three days and did a few nature walks to gather pinecones for a craft, or flowers to press. One day we made lotus lanterns.  She organized an obstacle course, and they had play time on the playground.

On Wednesday almost everyone joined us for a campout at a nearby local campground. It turned out to be a super fun time.  5 moms with 2 kids a piece camping out together!  We had a great fire with smores and hotdogs, told stories, and played some games.  We also watched the airplanes land and Bryan biked out to shoot of some fireworks.  In the morning we woke (too) early.  The kids played in the dirt piles while us moms wished for some coffee.  By 10 we were packed and in our swim gear.  There is a swim park as part of the campground where we swam and burned the last of our energy before it rained us out. 

Today was the final day of camp and the rain did not look like letting up this morning.  I booked us at the community center as an emergency move, which worked great.  We did our pressed-flower craft, and finalized stuff for the play.  Of course, the rain DID let up.  So, we went to a different green space across the street to have lunch, practice the performance, and put it on for all the moms (and one dad). The show was great!  I’ll get video from one of the other parents.

It worked out fine and was more convenient for everyone than the park off base.  Zoe originally wanted the off base park because there is a stage, but the spot on base was perfect as the space was bigger and all the kids got to gather worms after the rain.

So proud of Zoe and her camp!   Buuuuuut, also happy to be done.  Next week she has decided to do a Korean camp with the local Pyeongtaek city.  It’s just four days, but she should have a lot of fun.  It’s more crafty and cultural.  The cincher for her was that she gets to ride a bus.

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