Digger Driver

We were setting up camp out at the local town of Jinwi – at their citizens ‘resort’ where we go camping, and the local dozer guy was leveling some piles of dirt and stone.  Well, Avi just stood there watching and watching him.  So, the driver got out and took Avi into the digger!   He showed him how the controls worked and they finished his job together!!  He was in there for almost a half hour.  It was great.  They must have been chatting a bit, because the Korean guy said, “bye Avi.  See you tomorrow.” As he parked the digger and walked home.

This is one of the multitude of things that makes Korea both awesome and crazy.  No zoning laws or weirdness about setting up cones and a boundary around construction work!  Just walk over and watch.  Maybe the guy will let you in.  No hardhats or rule.  Just a guy and his job.  Don’t be an idiot and get in his way, or we’ll have to think about making rules and that would just bum out all the kids who want free digger rides.

I’ll post the video on youtube! —>  use the link over there on the side.

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